Thanksgiving STEAK!

My Wife and I are not real traditional. We do not have the patience to cook a whole turkey…actually I will just admit, I never have and am not sure I have the skill too.

BUT! I do know how to cook a steak just right!

Yup, steak for my family…I almost forgot to get more propane! Better not do that! That is important!

My fridge, the fullest it has ever been!

My fridge, the fullest it has ever been! I really do not understand people taking photos like this…I just do not get it.

So happy day after Thanksgiving, please be kind to each other if you are out shopping and remember that the workers are workers, not the ones that set the store policies or determine how much inventory to have on hand.

No, there was no left over steak, silly question!

Hope your Thanksgiving was safe and you did not need your health insurance (thinking food poisoning from an in-law or I had a client slip and fall on the ice one year and bust his knee cap)

Please remember we are in the 10 days of Medicare season.  If you know anyone with that red, white and blue card, they have until December 7th to select their 2015 coverage.

(An exception being the retirees from Y12, ORNL, X10, K25 need to go through Aon and have until Dec 31st. Please check your mail.)

And if you are under 65 years old, you have until December 15th to enroll in HealthCare to start on January 1st! (I am currently scheduling for December 9th)

If your time is valuable because you have too much to do (with the holidays just around the corner and all) try using an experienced Insurance Agent. We have learned over the last few years what you are trying to learn online because you are a do it yourselfer. And we do not charge to help you…free expertise during the holidays? WOW! What a gift!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading.
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Super Heroes need capes right?

Super Heroes need capes right?

Born from the CRAZY mind of an insurance agent that maybe read to many comic books as a kid…

Throw in an Oak Ridge Civic Center Halloween Candy Public Event…

City of Oak Ridge Civic Center Halloween Event 2014!

City of Oak Ridge Civic Center Halloween Event 2014!

And you have born!



The protector from you going to your doctor and screaming


While you slap your face like that kid from Home Alone!

from Google Images

from Google Images

Preparer of your January copay when you find your insulin is $400! (and suggestions on ways to try to keep that cost down)

Here is a win for from spring 2014. I could not find the original story of the lady on insulin. CLICK HERE.

While last year was a bunch of political mud slinging, media spin and bad promises that should not have ever been made, my stance has not changed!

Help as many people get health insurance as want it.

If you do not want it, I will not chase you or bug you and be like Spider Man with JJ from the paper, I will leave you alone, please leave me alone.

I have a cape so that OFFICIALLY makes me a Super Hero!

At my office of comfort and enrollment! Green is such a great color…dont you agree?

BUT if you want accurate information and help selecting and enrolling in a plan, I am already scheduled 2 weeks out and I am embracing technology so I can help more people. (call or message and we will make it work)

My ribbon cutting and what you see as we embrace technology!

And if you were wondering, has a kryptonite, it is called TIME. I have until December 15th to enroll everyone who wants coverage to start on January 1, 2015 and I need to sleep and we have 2 holidays.

From Google Images

From Google Images

Power Boosts:

People realizing there might be a better plan out there! (if you do not ask, you do not know)

People getting premium increase notices! (If you are in East TN, the CooP is very competitive this year)

People tired of dealing with people who lack experience and training like my client from last year, CLICK HERE.

Thank you for reading and PLEASE do not be afraid to call!
Generally in less than 5 minutes I will know if I can help you or not.
Finding the right plan takes longer but I am so good I can tell you quickly if you are eligible for a Subsidy/Tax Credit and Cost Sharing (if you do not know what that means, that is a good reason to call me).

And if I do not answer, please leave your name and number!

Thank you for reading this far down and have a great day!

This week’s sad (not my fault)

I was sitting at my HealthCare booth this week and what happens?

1 side of my booth! Feeling special!

1 side of my booth! Feeling special!

Someone walked up and wanted some insurance! (this is a good thing and why I am sitting up there in Jacksboro)

The bottom line is she got Medicare back in February of 2013, about 22 months ago and she never used a Licensed, Certified Insurance Agent so she now has a 22% penalty EVERY MONTH for the rest of her life! (also known as the late enrollment penalty)

From Google Images

From Google Images, not her card

But by her now getting prescription drug coverage, the penalty will quit increasing every month.

We can also blame the government on this for so poorly not simply explaining what she needed to do (elections are over, we can start blaming both side of the aisle)

While she had her Red White and Blue card (her Medicare card for you non slang speakers) she did not know she had to get a PDP (prescription drug plan) or Part D.

She takes generics and gets all of her meds off the $4 list at the local store.

From Google Images

From Google Images

She also has not gone to the doctor nor did she have anything to help offset the deductible and 20% Medicare leaves her liable for.

And it was wanting the doctor coverage that prompted her to come talk with me (a Licensed and Certified Insurance Agent since 2008 for Medicare)

IF you have Medicare Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical) you need to have credible drug coverage. It can be from your employer or union or you can purchase an individual policy (I help with that).

Or as in this lady’s case, I was able to get her a plan with medical and hospital and drug coverage for a $0 monthly permium and she is only responsible for the Late Enrollment Penalty, 22% every month for the rest of her life.

Please use a professional, whether it is me or someone else.

I am not a general contractor and I am smart enough to know to hire someone to make improvements to my house.

IF you are not an Insurance Agent, do not go it alone, I get paid by the insurance company, I do not take any money from you.

Good luck and hurry up! Medicare plan decisions need to be made by December 7th!

Thank you for reading this far and have a wonderful day!
dont call

Positive Feedback!

I had a week of

Dave, my policy works great!

From Google Images

From Google Images


Dave, my policy sucks!

From Google Images

From Google Images

Simple version: It was a normal week. But here is why I am sharing this:

I am my Client’s Agent. I am here to answer questions and to call with problems.

The one that went great…well, I just took the compliment.

The one that “my policy sucks!” I called the carrier and it turns out it was a billing/coding error at the doctor’s office. By the time I called my client back, they had already yelled at the doctor’s office for turning it over to collections and the doctor’s office said they would try resubmitting it (I am thinking they figured out what they needed to change and just told the client they would resubmit it without mentioning it was an error on their part)

I am holding my breath to see if it gets paid this time or if I get another phone call.

But many people would just pay the bill, not question it, try to avoid confrontation (it is not confrontation when you ask why something was not covered that should be i.e. like an annual wellness exam). It is a matter of getting the party that is supposed to pay to pay.

From Google Images

From Google Images

I am here to help and stand up for my Client!

If WE need to call the doctor’s office or insurance company jointly, I will do that! I try to make a few calls first and get my ducks in a row before having to do the “I am their agent, hear me roar!” but if I need to do that for my Client, I will!

I have a cape so that OFFICIALLY makes me a Super Hero!

I have a cape so that OFFICIALLY makes me a Super Hero!

I will bring my years of experience and knowledge to bear in a situation.

Hear me ROAR! From Google Images

Hear me ROAR!
From Google Images

It is a service I provide my customers. But if you go online and get your own insurance, I can give you some ideas but I cannot even talk to the insurance company on your behalf (privacy laws and all).

PLEASE! It costs you nothing to use a Licensed and Certified and Insured Insurance Agent (we get paid by the insurance company and your premium is the same if you do or do not use us).

And if you get a bill that does not seem right, or the co pay is to high, call!

I love Tom and Jerry! From Google Images

I love Tom and Jerry!
From Google Images

I have had 5 people in the last few weeks while I sit at the Jacksboro Walmart, come up and talk to me about their medical billing problems and since I did not write the policy, I am not their Agent of Record, I can only listen and suggest they make a phone call.

If you do not have an Agent from the beginning (selecting the proper coverage) you limit what we can do to help later on.

Thank you for reading and take a stand!
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Halloween Trick

I take the scary out of health care!

With the help of Michael and Bad Designs

Local Owned Business and Fellow Anderson Chamber of Commerce Member

Local Owned Business and Fellow Anderson Chamber of Commerce Member

I was STRUCK with a flash of insight which I promptly ordered and Bad Designs had my costume ready by 4 that very afternoon! (I have worked with Bad Designs before and trusted them to make it sight unseen)

I have a cape so that OFFICIALLY makes me a Super Hero!

I have a cape so that OFFICIALLY makes me a Super Hero!

Defender from HealthCare Confusion!

My shirt says it, must be true!

My shirt says it, must be true!

I have been licensed as an Insurance Agent since 2007!

I am still learning my cape flapping moves, better pictures to come

I am still learning my cape flapping moves, better pictures to come…and yes, I think my hair is sticking up


I am in your community…if you live in East TN.!

301 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Suite E, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

301 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Suite E, Oak Ridge, TN 37830

I do not charge you to help you understand Deductibles and Co Pays and Networks!

Green tights and Blue boots coming soon!

Green tights and Blue boots coming soon!

DO NOT be a victim of “I do it myself!” that is when HealthCare gets nasty! Use!

Seriously, I am here to help, just visit my webpage, give me a call, send me an email. Otherwise you will be stuck for ALL of 2015 with the wrong decision.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!
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This week’s wins!

Current ad on

Current ad on

Tis the season for confusion and cursing our medical systems (the government that made it, the insurance companies, the Insurance Agents…ouch)

From Google Images

From Google Images

While everything is not roses and chocolates I do have some wins from this week I wanted to share with you!


I had a lady this week that was paying in excess of $250 per month in premium (what she pays for her coverage) and about $1800 a year for her prescriptions.

After much discussing (about 20 minutes) she decided to go with a plan that only cost her $105 a month and saved her an additional $1200 a year on her medication!

Since she is on a fixed income, she was very happy with the savings and satisfied with the coverage.

Win 2

I met a lady that had called just ONE company who sent an agent out that could write ONLY for that company. While her coverage was very good she was paying $170ish a month for her coverage.

I represent MULTIPLE companies so I will look between them and find who has the best pricing for the product for my clients. I am looking at changing carriers (EXACT same coverage) and saving her about $30 a month!

Use an agent who can help you, not pigeon hole you!


I get paid by the insurance company, not you!

I DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY FROM YOU, THE INSURED! That means it costs you NOTHING to sit with me.

But your win is from my experience and knowledge, I have been in the world of insurance since 2007.

I am appointed with MULTIPLE carriers (I have more than 1 choice for my clients) I can help you make an informed decision, not just steer you to the ONLY company that would pay me (see WIN 2 above and what happened to her)


I had 2 clients call and the doctor’s office decided to quit taking individual major medical policies.

The Doctor’s office also WRONGLY called them Obama Care policies! The Doctor’s office not only decided to quit taking individual polices (regulated by the Affordable Care Act) they also decided to quit accepting the Grandfathered policies and individual policies issued outside of the Marketplace/Exchange.

The LOSS 1 is beyond my control.

Please use a LOCAL Licensed Insurance Agent, not some 800 number on TV to help you make an informed decision. Please do not do it on your own, I think your health is more important than that.

Thank you for reading and have a GREAT weekend!
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And please remember everyone’s situation is different so what worked for you may not work for your neighbor or spouse.

Does $1400 get your attention?

HealthCare season has started!

For some that is good!

For others that is not so good.

But either way it is important to review your coverage! (the moral of the story if you have a short attention span like me is “Even if you are HEALTHY! it is still a good idea to review your coverage”)

As a Licensed Insurance Agent since 2007 I have seen many things, many of which where avoidable or should have turned out better.

Me in early 2008! Suit man...

Me in early 2008! Suit man…

Tuesday I sat with a lady who got her plan last year. The person who came out to help her could ONLY write for 1 insurance company. If the lady did not sign up for that company…there was no pay check. Personally I see that as a conflict of doing what is right for the insured vs. an Agent needing money for gas. (don’t get me wrong,she had a good quality plan that worked, I just like my customers to have options)

This year (for 2015) if she stays with the same plan she is looking at spending about $1,400 more on medication.

From Google Images

From Google Images

Is that enough to cause her to want to change?

In this case yes. The insured also pays a sizable monthly premium that she is going to be able to save. Her son was there and I presented the options and THEY decided to take the savings!

Between the current prescription savings and the monthly premium savings, she will spend over $2,000 less in 2015.

This is just one scenario, every situation is different, but if the same agent (one trick pony with only one carrier, her current one) had been out, odds are they would not have seen their other options and spent a lot more money in 2015.

Please use a professional!

And please realize that Insurance Agents of today are different than from when we got the negative stigma years ago…maybe I will write about that next week, hmm.

Thank you for reading and if you do not understand your choices, PLEASE call a Local Licensed Professional. (same with electrical work)
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