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Keeping Your HealthCare!

It is again that time of year where I am spending 20 plus hours a week because something was not mailed in!
OR…our Federal Government is so disorganized they lost it…

HealthCare Open Enrollment is over (as of February 15th)
BUT the fed still wants proof of income and proof of citizenship.
AND if you do not send it in, they will CANCEL your HealthCoverage (rememeber the prooblems of 2014? Now it is the government’s fault)

(the better news is I have a few clients that only had their subsidy canceled, the monthly assistance to make it affordable)

Out of the mouth of babes From Google Images

Out of the mouth of babes
From Google Images

So if you get something in the mail from HealthMarketPlace or an email from PLEASE read and do what it says!

I can help my clients get coverage again but if you went through a volunteer or Navigator…good luck finding them and I feel bad for you.

Using a Local, Licensed and Certified Insurance Agent costs you nothing! I am willing to talk with you and see if I can help but my hands are tied.


Important stuff (helps you get cash if you get sick or injured)

There are MANY websites (and people) out there that talk insurance. Some know what they are talking about…unfortunately many do not.

The below announcement (in bold) is copied from which I found from LIMRA.

Disability or Income Replacement insurance is very important because if you become sick or injured, it can replace some or most of your income so you can continue to pay the rent/mortgage, put food on the table and it helps keep you from nose diving into bankruptcy.

From Google Images

From Google Images

Many people think that having Health Insurance will keep people out of bankruptcy but they are trying to treat the wrong part of the problem.

When (not if) something serious happens, you will most likely not be able to work. So your income goes to $0.00. Your bills stay the same (cable, electric, auto, etc). And now you have NEW bills! Doctor copays, deductibles, etc. The real kicker is even your Health Insurance still has to be paid. IF you have a good Licensed Insurance Agent, you will have Waiver of Premium so you do not have to keep paying on your Life Insurance.

From Google Images

From Google Images

It is the loss of income that causes people to max their credit cards and over draw on cash advances and get in the financial bind. Not the medical bills. Today, Health Insurance caps your annual medical expenses at just over $6,000 a year (often times less). That you can negotiate a payment with. Good luck with the credit card companies.

But you having a medical emergency does not mean you do not have to make your mortgage payment. They can still foreclose.

From Google Images

From Google Images

That is why having a plan to have cash is important! Whether it is saving up 12 months worth of expenses or having Indemnity policies that pay you cash.  I help people understand their options and I can help you too!

The important thing is to enroll in the coverage BEFORE you get unhealthy.

The Plus Group, Inc., a disability insurance brokerage organization with 22 offices throughout the U.S., announced the first annual National DI Day®, which will take place in various locations around the country on May 5, 2015. This event is in conjunction with Disability Insurance Awareness Month (DIAM). National DI Day® is sponsored by The Plus Group, Inc. with support and assistance from the top DI carriers. Met Life’s video titled, “Words that Work” will be premiered at the various locations and/or remotely via a webinar. And Plus Group’s local offices will offer a unique program that may include: CE courses, DI Expert speakers, DI training and more. For more information about this one of a kind event, please go to

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!
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Pay Your Bill! February 1st

What are you waiting for?
(if you are like many people I work with, you are waiting for your paycheck to come in on the 1st or 2nd)

From Google Images

From Google Images

The problem this year with paying your HealthCare after the 1st is, here in East TN, that is sometimes to late and your carrier will drop you!

From Google Images

From Google Images


That means:
NO February coverage!
ANY bills or ER visits are all on your dime!
FULL PRICE for any Rx, Prescriptions or Medications!

From Google Images

From Google Images

Not all carriers are doing this but I had 2 clients with a January 1st start date where the Carrier CANCELED their policy!

The good news is I was able to re enroll them for a February 1st start date and they have already paid their premium! (and they have not had any health issues yet this month)

These are terms you should know.
If you have not at least heard them, I know I did not help you.
Better contact someone so you know what type of HealthInsurance you are getting!

From Google Images

From Google Images

So please save yourself the hassle and risk and PAY YOUR BILL!
(on a side note, many carriers now accept Credit Cards. I know Dave Ramsey is probably rolling his eyes, but it is a decision you  have to make…coverage or pay the credit card off a few days later when you get paid?)

Thank you for reading and go find your bill so your HealthInsurance starts on time!
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Did you pick the right plan…or do you know what to look for?

I got a guy off the plan he selected and into a plan for $2 more a month (yes $24 you math geeks)  and saved him $500 on his drug deductible (that means he is saving $476 over the next year)

That is because Insurance is my world and I know some of these policy nuances.

What does nuances mean anyways!??! From Google Images

What does nuances mean anyways!??!
From Google Images

And it cost my customer NOTHING to use my experience! (no cost, free, moola zero, nada dime)

All in a day’s work for for

Do you know the difference in confectioner sugar from the brand name vs. the generic? I know I do not! BUT I assure you a good baker does!

From Google Images

From Google Images

Is there a difference in 10w-30 oil (do they even use that any more?) between the company that has been making it for 50 years vs. the synthetic blend? I do not know, but a good mechanic does!

Do you understand this? From Google Images

Do you understand this?
From Google Images

One thing I can tell is the difference in steaks and chicken from a cheapie grocery store and GOOD meat from a butcher! I cannot tell it by just looking at it but soon as I grill it and bite into it, I can tell a difference.

From Google Images

From Google Images


From Google Images

From Google Images

And that is my point, my client selected a plan that looked good from the outside but once he got into using the plan (for him, it was brand name prescriptions) he would have realized his mistake and he could not fix it until the 2016 enrollment.

Please, regardless of the subject, use a professional!

Here is to hoping you are not so stubborn you can do it “your way” that it costs you a boat load of money and suffering.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!
DV New Health Care

Report your life changes! (or don’t screw yourself)

When you have life changes, notify your Agent. (marriage, death, birth, move, adopt, etc)

In the world of HealthCare it is important to call your agent about your life changing events because it can affect your Subsidy/Tax Credit if you receive one or it may make you eligible for payment relief if you did not have assistance before

This week is a good example:

I enrolled a lady in HealthInsurance through HealthCare gov. (early December 2014)
She was married but he had HealthInsurance through Medicare.
He was the primary household income provider (she qualified for very little assistance with her monthly HealthCare premium (she was paying about $350 a month).

We played phone tag for the 1st week of January then we finally got to speak.
Her husband, of 2 years, had died of lung cancer December 28th.
Her monthly income went from his Social Security and his Pension and her pension to just her  pension (the smallest amount of all).

Due to a lack of life insurance, she had to put his funeral on  a credit card.

From Google Images

From Google Images

Because they had only been married for 2 years, she was not eligible for his Social Security.

She is 63, just lost her husband and now has to go get a job AND keep paying $350 ish a month for her HealthInsurance!

Well, not quite. This is where her having me as her agent was a real benefit!
I knew her income had changed.
I knew that allowed us to go back and adjust her Subsidy/Tax Credit from HealthCare gov.
I discussed with her what her employment options where and helped her calculate what to put in for her 2015 projected income and her monthly premium is now around $50 a month which will allow her to afford food and electric!

While she is suffering from the loss of her husband, at least I was able to save her $300 some dollars a month, that she would otherwise not have known about!
While it will not return him to her or give her the money to pay off his funeral (I do offer life insurance so you do not leave your spouse in the lurch like this) it does give her some monthly payment relief.

From Google Images

From Google Images

PLEASE plan ahead, PLEASE use a Licensed and Certified Insurance Agent.
The services I provide are at no charge to you, I am compensated from the insurance company, NOT from you.

Thank you for reading and PLEASE call if you have a change in your family or life that can affect your HealthCare.

New Year, New Outlook, New Insurance

There are so many new topics I would love to present you with but which one to choose?

Should it be on how group benefits are a thing of the past and there are other better options now? (no employers, offering benefits is not a good way to keep and retain employees. The new method is a reimbursement plan)

From Google Images

From Google Images

Maybe I should talk about how many people confuse HealthCare with HealthInsurance (one is what you receive the other is how much is paid for on your behalf and what is covered and what you do if it is not covered)

Maybe I should talk about policies that pay you CASH so you can survive downturns in your health? Unlike the duck related company, my policies are owned by you and paid by you. You do not have to have a group to be able to get coverage (hint, hint self employed start ups)

Maybe I should talk about the opportunities available to existing Licensed Insurance Agents IF they are with the right Agency (I have been Licensed since 2007 and hopped from Agency to Agency until June 2012 which is where I am now since they are better than any of the other companies I was with).

Maybe I should quit rambling and just say Merry New Year!

From Google Images

From Google Images

My New Year’s Resolution is to keep my post brief and informative and hopefully mildly entertaining in 2015.

For my 2014 resolution of posting every Friday, I think I only missed 1 Friday so I did pretty good in 2014!

Thank you for reading and have a great new year!
DV New Health Care